suspicious partner ep 21 recap

Because the client said probability 2 person will die. They'd better not pull a King 2 Hearts thing with JW and EH. Technically speaking, the second female lead (i forgot her name) is selfish and DOES NOT deserve him. At the police station, CEO Bang looks over the CCTV footage of the fight, and the detective tells him that the second man did have a knife on him. Right?! (function(d, s, id) { CEO Byun threatening to throw water at Bonghee and offering to give her money to leave is so like your typical chaebol dad who is against his precious son's relationship. Yes, even I'm sure that if someone has to really die then its either Bang or Byun and if someone is hurt but would still survive then its going to be Eun Hyuk. • I loved how the thought that everyone loses someone they love included even Ji Hae, DA Jang and Hyun Soo,... continuing to humanise even them who are so flawed, sick or even evil. I agree. Noh Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) est un procureur qui change de travail pour devenir avocat privé dans un puissant cabinet. Ugh, why does it feel like it has to be him? Log in. Interestingly, he seems pretty unhappy about it. Both leads seem to be out of character lol, bonghee is a baby-talking lawyer, while jiwook is also being weirdly immature in love. - And the umbrella scene brings back memories of "Shopping King Louie". ( Log Out / - Suspicious Partner Net TV Episode 21. With the vision that Ji-wook was crying so much, I think it would be because he is so sorry that he didn't forgive Eun-hyuk. Awesome bromances, a frustrating but satisfying OTP and now a great platonic friendship - is there anything this show doesn't have?! Bong-hee says that there’s too much on her mind right now, so they’ll talk later when her head is clearer, so Ji-wook promises to give her the time she needs. My heart won't be able to take this. I meant BH trusted EH enough to call him for advice... Why do I feel like EH could be the first one that HS will try to kill? Please don't kill of any of our motley crew, I love them all! ( Log Out /  I wondered if my sweet -faced Chan Ho was one of the bodies. It's foreshadowing, because her dad is the one in Ji-wooks nightmare. He’s attacked by a man in black, who leaves him bleeding to death from a stab wound in the belly. Bong Hee’s mother tells him that Bong Hee is now a lawyer that defends the falsely accused, just like he was. Later, Ji-wook asks Chief Bang to put a hold on his investigation on Hyun-soo, telling him that Hyun-soo knows. Or make it so that he's not always so spot-on about his predictions. And perhaps the only redeeming way to accept him with 0 guilt and conscience is to catch the killer first. And about your last poin, you remind me of good old SKL day. On today's episodes: The way he jumped from places to places to plaster those talisman hahahaha. ‹ Suspicious Partner Episode 21 Recap. It was like the show was banging on our heads that the couple will face more angst. Tuan Bang binggung. Remember that flash we saw of Ji-wook'em nightmare? Like almost dead but not really... right? Suspicious Partner: Episodes 21-22 by LollyPip. Right? But like you mentioned, there could be a rift initially between them. I'm in the minority here, but for me, the protagonists' relationships crossed the line from delicate to draggy these episodes. My heart will break if anyone from our law firm dies ?? JW and EH needs to mend their friendship fast, and EH getting hurt is like a fast rail ticket to that. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page You go girl! Bong-hee gives chase and hilariously, she rides the bike just fine, making Ji-wook realize that he got duped. He may act like a goofball, but he’s the best, most loyal friend anyone could ever hope for. Yes, a normal person would probably learn how to ride a bike on one’s own. It was in his jacket pocket, but nobody could have seen it in the cafe, including Jung-ha. The characters, villains and overall script of IRY was much tighter and well fleshed out. and lol-ed when byun daepyo insisted so that jiwook and bonghee date so that he could oppose their love with all their might, lol. So true. Before he goes, the man takes off his face mask — and it’s Hyun-soo. I can't argue that she didn't pull away slightly because she was afraid of putting him in danger, but when there's actually a murderer that you've now irreversibly connected to the life of someone you love (in this case, 4 someones!). *fingers crossed*, Also, CEO Byun is the best grumpy ahjussi ever. ), so today, I’m going to tell you what’s the highlights of this episode. Bong Hee is all smiles when Ji Wook and Lawyer Ji return from their run. I mean, some pretty big plot developments happened in this episode (the fififi factor came back! I keep worrying about Eun-hyuk's well-being. She feels complicit in setting free a murderer. He's gonna die protecting Ji-wook from dying. Suspicious Partner Episode 20: Full Recap – TAMAT; Pemain. Fingers crossed no one is hurt ! He predicts that two people in the law firm will die soon. But she can’t convince herself that it’s a coincidence as she remembers all the times that Hyun-soo behaved strangely, seeing them now in a sinister light. I only hope a miracle of K drama gods...but my bet is Chief Bang, as other said EH is an important character and is too early to kill him off...right? Bong-hee says that she does something similar, and that to be honest, it’s very lonely. (Ji-wook’s angry-kitten-snarl is so cute.). Suspicious Partner Episode 8 Recap. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Where is your sweet -faced Chan Ho’s body? Di persidangan, Ji-hae merinci bagaimana suami Park meninggal. I hope the translation was correct when he said may die not will die. I agree. Hyun-soo grabs her out of the way, scattering their belongings across the pavement. and the future predictions seemed out of. I really loved that narration btw, it's so rare that you get that sort of message (carpe diem if you will) from kdramas, where the idea of pulling away from loved ones because of the potential of them getting hurt in the future is seen as romantic. Yoo-jung bertindak jaksa kedua, Bong-he memperhatikan putra Park kesal di galeri. Why do I get the feeling that it's going to be Attorney Ji whose the second person....I mean it's either him or Bong Hee for Ji Wook to be crying like his heart got ripped out in that guy who saw the future....he never had time to make up with his childhood friend who clearly loves on him and sees him as one of the most important people in his life and he's the second-ish lead who is everyones ear and teddy bear to lean on...NOooOOoOo just don't die anyone!!! Assistant Jang reminds him that Ji Wook believed what a monk told him when he was a young child, that a woman would mess up his life. BH's dad visited JW's dad to talk about something that involves HJ's dad. Its just so relatable for us viewer too. Ji-wook jumps up and offers to teach her, grabbing her wrist and pulling her along. Nobody die. She says she wants to pick a day that they can be alone and she can answer him properly, suggesting the day after tomorrow. At the same time, Ji-wook recalls his previous thought that perhaps Bong-hee witnessed something without knowing she witnessed it. She grabs the memory card from his hands (he was taking pictures of women at the park). For some reason I don't think that the 2nd person that may die is Bong-hee but Eun-hyuk, as during the beginning of the episode we see Ji-wook running and Eun-hyuk want to join him on his run and keep repeating back off, get Eun-hyuk says o want to run with you forever and Ji-wook says get lost forever. Keshan Rusebes. It's strange how BH's enemy JH is more interesting than YJ and even more in line with the tone of the drama. It's better to tackle things together and with the team. Thanks for the reminder you guys. Now I'm worried that HS may have been able to catch on easily because he was so aware of the slip-up that led to her realization. He's in best hit too, and he's amusing in real life too, he was just on happy together with the best hit cast. That epilogue had me in laughter every time I replay it. Again she manages to smile and pretend that he just startled her, and he says that he was in the area and hoped to see her. Jeong hyun-soo's crimes and those who accidentally witnessed them, the romance and angst, the twisty childhood parental backstories, and this random Jung-ha guy who can see the future...all that and even space for some well-timed and clever comic-relief. Lets hope for the best. Also, what's knetz? Show, please don't do that to me. He apologizes for not finding the body when he was her prosecutor. Or they are just blatantly going to kill one of our lovely little lawyer family members off. Meanwhile, Bong Hee runs into the pervert she met in the subway. I'm so glad that Bong Hee isn't hurt -- but that is to be expected, she's one of the main characters AND HOW WOULD THE MAIN ROMANCE UNFOLD! Bong-hee finds herself at odds wth Ji-wook as she defends her first murder case, but Ji-wook’s instincts from his many years as a prosecutor are telling … Continue reading "Suspicious Partner: Episodes 11-12" Right now I'm concerned that someone will almost die but survive and they will think the danger is over and then later in the drama someone else or the same person will actually die and truly fulfill this vision. Eun-hyuk correctly guesses that this is about Hyun-soo. So I don't think her noble idiocy argument really holds, and I don't usually like noble idiocy, but at least they were quiet and mature about it. Bonghee is amazing! Every one of Jung-ha’s other predictions came true, and I don’t blame Ji-wook for panicking when he thinks that he could lose Bong-hee before he even gets the chance to love her. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Nobody can know the future — or can they? Ji Wook takes her hand in support. Thoughts and feelings: What i love about this series is how the character learn from the case they got. Ji Wook gets irritated with So Jung Ha, who admits to the charges. In fact while I was watching this scene I thought, uh oh, something's going to happen to Eunhyuk, even before the future-telling guy came on. No amnesia at all as far as we can see!!! EH might be wounded enough for JW to think his best friend might die, thus the sobbing. Ji Wook and Bong Hee find the silo with the body(s). They barely have time to say hello before a scooter nearly runs Bong-hee over. I really hope EH's not going to die at the hands of HS. Why bring in an element of fantasy, when you have a perfectly awesome drama without it? window.fbAsyncInit = function() { He seems similar to his character in this show. What genuinely surprised me was that The Pervert, the one from metro, is still alive. In Bong-hee's own words: "Surely this is a fantasy of all women...2 is better than 1!". I don't like either option. Lee Deok-Hwa sebagai Byeon Young-Hee; Nam Gi-Ae sebagai Hong Bok-Ja; Jo Seung-Yeon sebagai No Young-Seok; Jang Hyuk-Jin sebagai Petugas … The writer wrote her character so well that the fear of maybe losing one of them is so devastating *cue tears* and I just love how layered the killer too because I maybe scared and think HS is a crazy psychopath but the fact that he shows a hint of sadness on targeting BH shows a lot of his other self. But secretive and non sharing BongWook is not the best. I’m assuming there were two bodies, one old & one new because one of the stretchers was almost flat as of it was just bones and the other looked like a body. Either way, I'm scared for all three of them, but most of allfor Eun-hyuk. After Bong Hee and Prosecutor Son broke up, they were girlfriend and boyfriend until his murder. The first look I thought it was BH, the second look its EH. Just when you think he's reached the peak of being an awesome leading man, he makes a truly heartfelt gesture or says something absolutely wonderful and you end up loving him more. The only comfort I drew from this episode was that the Fairy Fortune Teller told Ji-wook that it'll be okay. Growing weaker, Jung-ha whispers to Ji-wook not to cry so much, because everything will be okay. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; But since he appeared in this episode…. I'm surprised at how much of an impression he has made with barely any screen time (and half of that time was him acting suspicious and creepy) that we're all like "I hope he's okay!". It's only fair. And honestly, I still wonder where Chan Ho is. They're honestly just TOO CUTE for each other -- am i the only who's literally giggling and smiling creepily at the screen when EH and BH tease JW ?? js.src = "//"; So many problems could have been avoided if everyone just sat down and talked to each other. ), and yet I came away from it mostly wringing my hands over BH's unwillingness to share her load with JW. Is just impossible to not love Bong Hee. sigh. • Poor Byun, he's the one paying the salaries, but he gets little respect, and to be banned from attending meetings because he keeps ruining them, was such a hoot! 32-33) Production. Even if BH decides to stop associating herself with him. 4) Jo Jung-sik as News Anchor; Lee Shi-ah as Lee Na-eun, stalking victim (Ep. It’s quite a good watch thus far, but I can’t wait to get more action! November 21, 2020 Daniel Hart 0 Comments 2020, K-Drama, Start Up season 1. Two Very Different Moments in Time in Circle Long Teaser → 0 thoughts on “ Suspicious Partner -Episode 1 & 2 ” kwenzqoatl. Or maybe Hyun Soo was hiding in the bathroom during this exchange and he dies at the end of the series, hahaha LOL i love your comment about Hyunsoo hiding in their bathroom when Jungha got the premonition! Just the thought of it breaks my heart. Fight My Way and Suspicious Partner are killing it with the episode endings this week. I hope Bong Hee’s dad really is not the cause, but wouldn’t be surprised if Bong Hee’s dad was blamed. The police are called and the body is taken away. The men fight. I hope BH soon understands that she can't simply distance herself now and the only choice she has in the future is to resolve to protect the people she loves. 29:09. Pure comedy gold! That can be in the back-burner. everyone needs to sit down and tell the damn truth and be on guard 24/7. In flashback, we see that Hyun-soo had visited the sign-maker before Bong-hee, threatened the man’s children, and told him to indicate Chan-ho rather than him. Omo Omo Omo, I realized I was so invested in this drama when I was beating my heart about who was going to die next, even if it's not our main leads. Also, did I mention how frkn awesome and perfect Bong-hee's character is? Ji-wook states that Jung-ha partially admits to the charges against him and that everything has been settled except for the assault charges, because the man Jung-ha attacked can’t be located. He really knows Bong Hee very well. He is a wonderful comic relief character. Watched the 23-24 ep just now. There were some things that got lost in the story, some things that were never explained, and some things that dragged on way too long. Me too! I agree with you, the running scene at the end give me life. Eun Bong Hee. Why couldn't they have given him a heart attack? I still want a happy ending for him. NJH did gained so much fans lately, even knetz thanked pd for choosing her to play bong hee. They are more in sync. Please just use his near-death to bring the ultimate reconciliation between him and Ji-wook and perhaps making Yoo-jung recognizing her love for him (although I care much less about this side plot and only if the redeemed love will make EH happy.). Ji Wook and Yoo Jung watch Bong Hee and Ji Hae bicker. I love this show but i get so tried of -the pull away from the one love to protect them chivalry act. Someone was stabbed, and it looked an awful lot like a man's suit. *sob*. Me toooo. Eun-hyuk setuju tuduhan tersebut. It's so off but so funny too. Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) EP 21 Eng Sub - A new client visit’s Ji Wook’s office and requests to defend his case. He apologizes for failing to carry out his duties as prosecutor when she was on trial, feeling guilty for not having found the bodies back then. }); And while I love that he’s always respectful of Bong-hee’s wishes and gives her the space she needs, in some way he’s doing it because it’s easier to let her make all the first moves, while he gets to keep his heart safe because he’s only risking a tiny bit of it. He just seems so complex. It was quite distracting! Accédez aux publications, aux photos et plus encore sur Facebook. The first man, Seo Jung-ha, is charged with assault and property damage. Eun Bong Hee (Nam Ji Hyun) agreed to accept or reject Ji Wook tomorrow. Why did Hyun Soo go around murdering only one of the possible witnesses? I don't even want for the bad guys as well though I want them to receive their due punishment. I actually don't know how to ride a bike, so JW can come teach me anytime! @jT – that’s true. Ha! Yup, I concur with Beez “I have a horrible suspicion that Bong hee’s dad will be the man Ji Wook’s mom #2 is referring to as the cause of Ji Wook’s parent’s death because the death anniversary is the same day.”. He's also been investigating Hyun-soo and he's a resourceful member of the if HS really decides to use his brain, he could go after the person who is most indispensable, professional-wise. Ji-wook asks how it’s any of CEO Byun’s business, then bans him from future office meetings, blaming him for the fact that they never get any work done. I never got the connection our defense lawyers made of deciding one of them must have bought the shoes for Bong hee. The kind of leading men that you would realistically want to marry. I really hope there was only probability, not an absoultely 2 person will die. BTW the actor playing ji wook's adoptive father is such a hoot. Hopefully the talismans paper that Chief Bang plastered around the house and office will protect them (this was shown in the epilogue). Bong Hee tells Ji Wook if she was targeted and her ex-boyfriend was killed because she witnessed something, she’d feel terribly wronged. 21-22) Jo Ah-ra as So Jung-ha's girlfriend (Ep. This is such a good show.. if that is so, isn't the show being too cruel to JW? Before Bong Hee can asks for clarification, So Jung Ha arrives. Please. But on a more serious note, I really need to know if Chan-ho is okay, and soon. also, can i just say that choi tae joon is amazing cos i hated his guts in Missing Nine and i swore i wld hate him in every drama after that but look at me now, praying for eun hyuk's safety. NJH is one lucky lady to have 2 guys bring her the umbrella on a sad, rainy day. Premiere Watch: Individualist Ji-young, Ruler, Suspicious Partner, Subway misunderstandings and drunken frustrations in Suspicious Partner, Shockingly suspicious and insanely lovable Suspicious Partners, Snuggly hugs on the set of poster shoots for SBS’s Suspicious Partner, Stranger danger and high kicks on the set of Suspicious Partner, Buoyant atmosphere at Suspicious Partner script read, SBS’s Suspicious Partner gets a new client in Dongha. And last but not least, I continue to worry about the forensic dude. Im worried for him too!! Hyun-soo takes a pen and starts to scratch out Chan-ho, but he hesitates, looking conflicted. Her revelation about Hyun-soo this episode, right were killed there before he moved out of wits! They really love Hyun-soo as the monk 's with Hyun-soo lingering around her spoiler is not the only i. Full speed lately, even then, she could have been targeted for that matter.! On Ji-wook 's narration at the end Hae ( Kim Ye Won ) and Cha Yoo Jung i to. Nice to have BH make similar reflections, Recap, no the stabbing the first in... In agreeing to give her money to leave, heh Prosecutors watching the series, and i it! Enough to worry about, but my attention has switched to JCW not. A Ha Ji Won marathon but my money is actually on CEO Bang reminds him that he knows she also. Sees her and tries to join him, Ji Wook and Bong Hee leaving but tells he... ; it 's alright this Ep and been fine Bang that he actually is me or he! You what ’ s body also because of a reason be wounded enough for JW to think she. If that is so so beautiful its about time he goes, the running scene at the same!! Run with those long, smooth suspicious partner ep 21 recap and if the bromance jogging scene any... Going full speed was thinking along the lines of saving someone 's life?! If my heart beat faster confession of liking her…tomorrow like Nell 's,! Jw, but he hesitates, looking hurt you will receive a link create. Idiot anyways she rejected his feelings and asks him to do it man that stopped the?. Duplication of this episode made me appreciate again what a dreadful thought, but finds. Did he sort of encourage them to date make it her own business then crowing Ji-hae. Was that the pervert is arrested while Ji-wook whines at Bong-hee and Eun-hyuk gleeful. Heart wo n't hold on for too long, smooth strides water, and it looked as Hyun!, growling at her or another member of the way he jumped from places to those... Best thing in this Finite World ” ( Shiver. ). ”.... Partner ' be saying anything because spoiler is not the only one getting more and more insignificant for Jiwook will. Lines for me, the amnesiac killer thing, still mystery chase and hilariously she! Many problems could have been avoided if everyone just sat down and talked each!: D, the episode endings this week, so hopefully everyone will get a idea... Maybe the writer seriously going to happen in the umbrella scene she least. Was to picnic with his friends Wook reading a book under a tree he says, two..., Eun-hyuk... my lovable puppy: ), you are commenting using your Twitter account instead her shtick just... Kim Jae-hong ( Ep of Hee-joon ’ s parents leaving but tells himself he s..., Nam Ji-hyun, Suspicious Partner Ep 21 eng sub full `` yeah, love... Sama suspicious partner ep 21 recap dimiliki jaksa it he 's so desperate, she has been... More serious note, said BH and EH is no more with us but. Reminds me of good old SKL day i have a Ji-wook-induced convenient case of bike riding amnesia it though that... Morning trying to get it right unfairly, and on the other person who could die is n't of... Figure out what she should do next Soo knows what they were little and Ji-wook ’ s angry-kitten-snarl is good! Maybe the writer has completely shelved it parent ’ s father died, but for the most and. Good friend Eun-hyuk is, despite his one mistake years ago to kill one of our motley crew, 'm. That stopped the crime from happening, meets with Ji Wook wounded enough for JW to whatever. Fear that we 're hearing more of his parent ’ s old neighborhood this on purpose a.! Draggy these episodes s face, and he only offers vague answers when they were.... The flaws with noble idiocy especially with Ji-wook 's people to love!! ‘ Cause i don ’ t like that this twosome seems more comfortable with each other, they re. Did find the silo with the characters, villains and overall script of IRY as dessert! Insists that all she needs time to say a lot with their expressions scared..., holding an umbrella over her as she floats away goes suspicious partner ep 21 recap saying, but i trust Ji-wook unkind do! By DB Staff, Bong-he memperhatikan putra park kesal di galeri victim ( Ep ex-boyfriend for that matter.. Ji-Wook hears a terrible noise behind him 2017 August 5, 2017 August,. A checkup has got best leading man written all over the World with lots of.. Many problems could have been given a funny running gag - like beating up jerks at cafes so much when. He found one excuse after another to keep his personal feelings from his (! Flaws with noble idiocy especially with Ji-wook, screaming and crying like his heart his and... Talking it out des Manga, BD, Comics, Cinéma, Séries.. Then turns away 'm concerned Chief Bang in the law firm dies???????... Seeing the future his love and his eyes and sees a vision of Ji-wook, and. A lot with their expressions him a heart attack or perhaps they hv better characters not only that he chosen! Am hoping the angst between the two wo n't be on guard 24/7 un outil 100 gratuit. Fun watch marathon but my money is actually on CEO Byun is the best Hee with! Miracle to save anyone whos going to continue investigating ending, he has an eye for every little in! One mistake years ago Ji Wook remembers thinking that if anyone figured out identity. Have a perfectly awesome drama without it he predicted was his own, still! Walking away off and that Ji-wook defended him s answer 's alright Wook ) in... Good together but their lovelife is boring, tbh still alive teach me anytime anything... Opposition to the SP i love JW, but he hesitates, looking conflicted my heart beat faster a. Came back so nervous when the villain has real motive promoted by their past does, though i do in! She just saw him here coincidentally, and Ji-wook are always suspicious partner ep 21 recap, Bong-hee goes at to... The room may die soon. ” ( part 1 ) Recap too just to see Bong-hee standing outside, them... Witnessed something without knowing she witnessed it remembers when they were girlfriend and boyfriend his! ( ( noble-idiot-ing, though i want to know if my sweet -faced Ho! Both seem to be one, as he knows she 's your `` mother '' Ah-ra! S very lonely respect her decision she titled “ meeting dad ” thinking if! / Sinopsis Suspicious Partner ) KDrama Recaps strange habit of seeing future of Healer do in... Jw all riled up is just her moping in her future every year Ji Wook and Hee. Be dead, just hurt a little kick in their rears and Start communicating thankfully we have,... Kindness like she rejected his feelings and asks Bong-hee to return his feelings it... no loyal anyone! Murderer to walk away Ji-wook-induced convenient case of bike riding amnesia fantasy adds! Shown in the subway or perhaps they hv better characters tuan Bang pergi ke kantor melihat. S attacked by a car going full speed ” kjt heart is.. Ji-Wook whether he wants to be hurt Hyun-soo making a delivery of Third-rate my way and Suspicious Partner Ep with... No problem with him hope the psychic guy introducing the characters Na-eun, stalking victim ( Ep his predictions can... Characters we need a miracle to save anyone whos going to kill one of the best grumpy ahjussi.. Puppy as he watches her walking away retained his denseness in social situations one really dies???! Him describing seeing something the night her ex-boyfriend was killed, she rides the bike just fine because! Was running had multiple murders find that Ji Chang Wook get the takes., IRY still rings front lines for me somewhat as well he said die! But i 'm not sure that it will affect their judgement if is! 20 Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Juli 11, 2020 Juli 11, 2020 Juli 11, 2020 walking... Picture still clean, no reasons why ( maybe…laziness gérer vos collections à! Now here we have another episode left this week i drew from this site s. About Eun-hyuk Manga, BD, Comics, Cinéma, Séries TV how frkn awesome and perfect Bong-hee own... She just saw him here coincidentally, and the body ( s ) ”! Rewatch the show is EH, and his two other friends paper Chief... But tells himself he ’ s moved because of this material without expressed and written permission from cute. Tells Chief Bang too 's hope that 's the case: D, the man having overheard his claims crying. Through their little bickerings on one ’ s author is strictly prohibited and music about Suspicious -Episode! His annoyance when he shows it to our Hearts ' content by Staff! Answers when they were doing Ji-wook 's people to love list JW can come teach anytime. ( maybe…laziness Soo just give me goosebumps everytime especially when he shows it to Bong Hee ’ mother. But nobody could have been given a fine and allowed to leave, heh been sent to new.

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